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what is 3 way matching in accounting

In order to avoid processing fraudulent invoices, your accounts payable team has to be extra careful. What that means is that you end up spending more time getting invoices fulfilled than you’re supposed to. With these three documents in hand, the accounts payable personnel can crosscheck to determine whether a supplier’s invoice is legitimate, before making payment. Automating the matching process can help save time, money, resources, and energy. Shifting to a digitized process ensures promptness in payments, accuracy in encoding data, and accessibility in various platforms. As much as companies want to pay their suppliers on time, manual processing may cause delays because of the backlogs or misplaced documents. Delayed payments tarnish a company’s reputation and may affect future transactions.

  • For the AP department, there’s real stress in having to chase down details generated by poor or misplaced documentation, as well as having to tackle a tall pile of invoices that grows bigger by the day.
  • With these features, an automated solution can be further simplified to consider all the steps in a 3-way match are in alignment without duplicating steps that aren’t necessary.
  • However, if the data doesn’t match, this delays the payable process as the AP department then needs to chase down the purchasing or receiving department to resolve the discrepancies to then process the invoice.
  • All the relevant paper documents need to be gathered in order to manually verify the goods and price information contained in them.
  • Issues are brought to light early, so you don’t bottleneck or slow down the payment process.

When the 3-way invoice matching in accounts payable process is automated, organizations can automatically reconcile a large number of their invoices. This means that the invoices will run straight through the accounts payable process without any manual intervention, saving employee time, and vitally reducing errors. Automating the invoice matching process helps save time, resources, and money. Digitizing the matching process ensures accurate and consistent data verification and matching. The matching process can be mapped through a detailed 3-way match flow chart, which is the basis for effective automation. When calculated for several goods on a monthly basis, manual processing costs may run into six figures.

The essence of three-way matching is to eliminate fraud, and to ensure all incoming invoices are properly vetted before making payments on them. Now, while that is an ideal course to pursue, an organization’s accounts payable team might encounter hitches that hinder them from doing their best work and making sure every supplier gets paid on time. Tipalti is the automation solution for all the what is 3 way matching in accounting AP woes that companies with manual matching processes are experiencing. Invoices are sent and received through email or web portal, which makes processing payment almost effortless. Invoices can be sent in batches for a more organized business processing. Upon delivery of the laptops to the agency, the receiving department checks the PO and invoice with the receiving report or goods receipt.


The order receipts and vendor invoices are two standard documents needed for audits. Requiring these two documents before the completion of a transaction contributes to a straightforward process. Still, the three-way match process is an effective business practice for both suppliers and buyers.

Thumbing through stacks of paperwork to find these three documents is difficult enough. Layer on top of that the need to scan each document carefully to ensure the numbers are aligned. Not only is this inefficient, it’s highly susceptible to human error. Order receipts/packing slips – This is the proof of payment and delivery. An order receipt is included by the vendor with goods that have been delivered to the purchaser.

  • They include the same information as in the purchase order, as well as an invoice number, vendor contact information, any credits or discounts for early payments, payment schedule, and total amount due to the vendor.
  • Let’s say you receive a $4,500 invoice from a vendor for 1,500 computer circuit boards.
  • For services, challenges tend to arrive when businesses are required to track services in a Service Entry Sheet , entirely separate from their purchases.
  • For companies processing 300 invoices per month, this is an annual savings of $46800.
  • If an error occurs, no payment is sent out from the purchaser until the mismatch in information has been resolved.

This only adds to the steps required in the 3-way match process as goods and services must be viewed and validated separately. Cloud automation handles matching efficiently, accurately, and quickly in real-time for timely payments.

The Benefits Of Using A 3

Delay payment on the invoice until you have had time to verify that it is accurate by comparing it to other documents. A three-way match is an accounting control that ensures that the purchase order, inventory receipt, and invoice all match in terms of product, quality, quantity and price. The process starts when purchasing creates an order and sends it to a vendor. Thus, the “three-way match” concept refers to matching three documents – the invoice, the purchase order, and the receiving report – to ensure that a payment should be made.

  • Receiving verifies the receipt of items and prepares a receiving report for items received from the purchase order, using vendor packing slips and itemized delivery receipts.
  • In this case, the purchase order for 1000 circuit boards at 5 INR each was raised, which totals to 5000 INR.
  • Typically, the three-way match is performed in the Accounts Payable department.
  • Two-way matching, a default verification process, reviews purchase information against final invoice.
  • As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is pay a fraudulent or inaccurate invoice.
  • Another document that may be included in the delivery package is the packing slip.

In Deloitte’s 2016 Global CPO Survey, Chief Procurement Officers indicate that they are investing increasingly in innovation and digital technologies in an effort to shift their teams towards more strategic tasks. Duplicate invoices will not have necessary supporting documents, which have already been matched with the original invoice. If the system works correctly, the duplicate invoice will be noticed, flagged as an exception, and not be approved for payment. When the accounts payable team makes batch payments, or in some cases, makes single invoice payments, the accounting system reduces the accounts payable balance by the total invoice amount or partial invoice payment.

Drawbacks And Inefficiencies In Manual Matching Process

Accurate purchase order matching and matching payments to invoices ensure that payment is made only to the goods or services received. Making procurement and invoice clearance decisions based on the 3-way matching procedure eliminates invoice discrepancy and accurate payments. Two, three, and four-way matching are all accounts payable approval processes, however, they each conduct the matching process to a different degree. Two-way matching is the most basic approval process where the vendor’s invoice number and details are checked against the purchase order number and details to ensure that the documents match. 3-way matching adds the receiving report or the receipt of the goods as a further verification method.

what is 3 way matching in accounting

The procedure is used to ensure that only authorized purchases are reimbursed, thereby preventing losses due to fraud and carelessness. A three-way matching is the process of matching purchase orders , goods receipt note, and the supplier’s invoice to eliminate fraud, save money, and maintain adequate records for the audit trail. Three-way matching is usually done before issuing payment to the supplier post delivery.

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However, when done manually, the matching process is paper-based, which inevitably leads to human error and long delays. The perils of manual invoice matching are all the more apparent for accounts payable teams that have switched to working remotely.

With a strong software solution this will include notifications to keep the involved parties informed that there is work to be done or that a particular document requires attention. Prevent fraud – 3-way matching helps prevent, or reduce the risk of, fraud by preventing payment for purchases that were not authorized or that did not comply with vendor terms. As businesses expand their operations over time, they also need to upgrade their processes for scalable growth. Every aspect and expense of running a business – from hiring and training to purchasing and legal compliance – can heavily influence the financial standing of the company. The intent of the 3-way matching is to ensure that the goods ordered, goods received, goods billed, order price and the billed amount are consistent across the PO, GRN, and invoice. After discrepancies have been addressed and the documents match, payment is released to the supplier. The purchase order contains the quantity of items requested by the business and the contractually agreed-upon price that the business will pay.

Way Match Processing: Step By Step Guide To Optimization

In some cases, a supplier takes time to fully complete an order over multiple deliveries. When the quantity of goods received fails to match with an invoice, you can configure Kofax AP Automation solutions to automatically re-check the numbers on an ongoing basis for a user-specified number of days.

When a vendor account balance or invoice balance is zero, it is considered settled, with the transaction complete. Create Purchase Order requisitions for goods and services to speed up the buying process. That simplifies the entire process so you can process invoices faster and safely. Automatically vet all these alongside invoices https://www.bookstime.com/ once they’re received. An integrated AP automation is an innovative and efficient solution for companies that want to minimize workload and maximize employees’ productivity. An advertising agency needs 20 new laptops for their employees to use. Bring scale and efficiency to your business with fully-automated, end-to-end payables.

what is 3 way matching in accounting

If a company is still following traditional payment processes, many transactions involving suppliers and clients can be challenging to handle. One effective way to enhance the efficiency of payment processes is to adapt the three-way matching process. Sometimes a company incurs extra costs simply because an ordered item has been paid for more than once. The three-way matching process eliminates that possibility by checking the order numbers and dates on all the documents and ensuring that all three forms for each order are accounted for. If a shipping order is missing, you shouldn’t pay for those goods until they arrive.

Simplifies The Auditing Process

Misplaced paper documents, incorrect information, and human oversight further increase the cost of manual invoice matching. Traditionally, the accountant is in charge of matching the invoice, PO, and GRN data. All the relevant paper documents need to be gathered in order to manually verify the goods and price information contained in them.

What Are The Benefits Of A Three

The three-way match is a well-known control related to accounts payable. When the shipment arrives, it must be accompanied by a receipt stating what was shipped and details of the cost. If this document includes shipping charges, these must be broken out separately from the cost of the goods themselves. This data provides the AP group with all the correct matching details so they can streamline the AP process, ensuring the invoice is legitimate and ready to be paid. Delivery receipt, or a receiving report, which confirms that the purchase was delivered, either in part or in full. An automated system can handle the approval process, saving AP staff time and effort left best to investigating unmatched details.

The chances of fraudulent activities are also significantly reduced with so many checks and balances in place. This ensures no extra charges are incurred without your business knowing about it. AP professionals recognize the 3-way match and 2-way match are crucial to ensure accuracy in the purchase order invoice process.

Purchase OrderA Purchase Order serves as a legal document between buyer and seller, wherein, the buyer sends this contract that details the goods and services, date of delivery, payment terms as per the contract etc. Automated systems lead to a faster process, which means payments go out more quickly. As a result, you will be able to maintain fruitful and trustworthy relationships with your vendors and suppliers.

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If there is a fault at any step, then the amount cannot be taken against the invoice until the error is resolved by receipt of a confirmation or by the revised invoice from the supplier. It is also one of the risk management methods as the risk of payment to unauthorized persons or against the fake bills is to be controlled. Sometimes it becomes a lengthy procedure, but it is the most effective way of managing the risk. When all is said and done, expenses from manual invoice matching can amount to hundreds of thousands or even millions of extra dollars in processing costs, all out of fear of overpaying.

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