6 Web Application Security Best Practices


Such a URL may be like cocacola.com, coca-cola.co, cocacola.org, co-ca-cola.com, etc. HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol – it is the standard protocol often used in website development services. Document your web app security manual – include your methods of procedure, troubleshooting processes, what works for you, and others. For making high performing secure web apps, explore how to use firebase to host your flutter web app.

web application security practices

The serious vulnerabilities bucket list will include components that contain both company and customer information. In this blog, we will find out more about web application security and the top 15 practices that you can follow to make your web application more secure. Sign up for free and see for yourself why Bright is a platform that security teams trust and developers love. Post-incident forensics can become a daunting task without proper logging in place. On the other hand, with a proper logging mechanism, the task of analysing the cause and understanding the bad actor in case of a data breach becomes much easier.

Formulate threat profiles to classify the list.

Educate your employees on how to use software securely and what actions can lead to data infringement. Teach them what to do in case of a data breach and develop security standards that control their actions. According to the Ponemon, it takes around six months on average for a company to detect a security breach, even if it’s major. If you store lots of sensitive data, your priority is finding any breach and eliminating it as soon as possible. For this, you can use special monitoring software that detects all actions your employees take on their work computers. If you don’t have expertise in penetration testing, it’s a good idea to hire an expert from another company.

web application security practices

An incremental model switches your applications to “core functionality only” operations, minimizing risk while you work on the overhaul. It scans the application to reveal any vulnerability, automatically removes malware, fixes simple flaws, and attaches a trust seal to increase customer confidence. What’s more, you can remove security issues that could bring down your search ranking. – We included Detectify on this list for its dedicated tool for small businesses. Today, every small business must have an online presence, but they often lack the internal teams to maintain a secure web presence.

The Impact of Threat Actors

Prior knowledge of the source code will inevitably bias testers to a certain type of vulnerability and severity level. Let’s say you have run an end-to-end security assessment of your entire application landscape. This could reveal an enormous list of minor-to-severe vulnerabilities, requiring months to fix entirely. A big bang approach to updates, where you intend to roll out all the fixes/patches together, means that your systems remain vulnerable in the interim period.

In the picture we’ve shown above, you can see that services are placed in subnets. The attacks may occur when you don’t know the state of your current software. For example, it can be outdated, or libraries are not version-hardcoded. In this case, note that if you update those components, you must test them.

web application security practices

A regular assessment, much like an annual audit, will highlight what might be going wrong and needs fixing. There are hundreds of other paid and free tools out there to support your web application security initiative. You can make these tools go the extra distance by following a set of important best practices. – Metasploit is a framework that you can tailor to your penetration testing needs. It mobilizes the collective intelligence of cybersecurity communities, adding its own expertise to deliver a framework for penetration testing. It is available for free downloading, and there is a paid version that comes with commercial support if you hit a roadblock.

Guarantee Data Encryption

While creating the layout of the network infrastructure, also consider the people who have network access controls. As a proactive practice, you can create a document of all the components and extensions of your application. Security is best done in layers, and each of the security best practices we mentioned adds a strong layer to your application’s defenses. Thankfully, there are now tools that make security web applications and securing SaaS & web applications easier. In order to capture data relating to security incidents or events, the right tools need to be put in place for logging them.

  • For example, if someone steals your cookie and then uses it to log into your account, they’ll be able to access your personal information, including credit card numbers and other sensitive data.
  • The attack occurs when a user has an active session with the application, clicks on a link, or opens a request from a malicious website or email.
  • For most applications, input handlers are quite often the weak point that gets exploited in all sorts of ways.
  • But as we discussed earlier, it can start well into the development stage and extend until the application is shipped.

Data from Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report shows that nearly two-in-five (39%) of data breaches stem from web app compromises. But it’s considered challenging to detect unless organizations experience the failure and hardly fix it. Not to mention that logging and monitoring mostly involve interviewing whether any attacks are discovered during a pen test. This slows down the detection of data breaches and developers’ responses to them. This security risk occurs when web apps use insecurely configured features, insecure headers, insecure default passwords and accounts, and more.

Furthermore, it will also give you the ability to configure geo-restrictions and other features. Also, it will cover all scaling costs during attacks, support from AWS engineers, and you get a free WAF. Same as WAF, Shield works with a few resources, Application Load Balancer, a Global Accelerator, and Cloudfront. Besides that, in the modern world, there are a lot of different threats. So building security baselines, guidelines, and policies is very important. So, no matter the scale and reputation of the company, no one is 100% safe from all attacks.

Why is security important in web applications?

Whether you choose to do so manually, through a cloud solution, through software that you have on site, through a managed service provider or through some other means. Along with these practices and processes, you can engage a qualified team to validate and certify the posture of your work using various testing methods. Together, these best practices will go a long way in securing new projects against cyberattacks and creating a sense of trust with customers.

If they detect that there might be someone trying to poke at your application to find a vulnerability, then the web application firewall might detect that and maybe temporarily block those people. For many developers, security testing is restricted to the testing stage of the development pipeline. But as we discussed earlier, it can start well into the development stage and extend until the application is shipped.

Also, verify that you use a good authentication mechanism or at least a strong password. Below we will consider steps to achieve great web application security. Still, it is also far more secure and defends most software risks today. And the third level is reserved for healthcare, military, and other critical infrastructure. Web application security requirements are derived from industry standards, laws, or previous experience. Those requirements should define actions and new or existing features to help secure your application from attacks.

For most applications, input handlers are quite often the weak point that gets exploited in all sorts of ways. The first step is always to perform an in-depth analysis of your application, identify weak points, and move on from there. This will give you a general idea of the scope you are working with and you will be able to prioritize testing based on the initial test results. And even https://globalcloudteam.com/ if they were, there’s such a massive amount of information available that it’s hard for anyone to keep up with it. Testing tools are essential for ensuring that your application is secure before launch. This article will look at what testing tools are available, how they can help you avoid costly and embarrassing problems later on, and how to pick the right tool for your needs.

That is why it is highly recommended to carry out web application security tests during the SDLC stages, not after the web application has been launched. Web application vulnerabilities allow bad actors to gain unauthorized control over the source code, manipulate private information, or disrupt the application’s regular operation. Session Fixation is an application attack that allows an attacker to hijack a valid user session by deceiving the target user. This type of attack is implemented on an established session via the victim’s browser to exploit the flaws and other vulnerabilities. The attack starts before the user has logged in, wherein the attacker obtains the session ID and then hijacks the session.

As far as determining which vulnerabilities to focus on, that really depends on the applications you’re using. There are a few standard security measures that should be implemented however applications-specific vulnerabilities need to be researched and analyzed. The password should be a minimum of eight characters and contain a mix of upper, lower and special characters.

Preventing cyberattacks is crucial, and being smart while using web apps will help you protect yourself online. The best solution is to automate repetitive tasks and implement security solutions. Analytics-based automation solutions not only help you identify and fix the threats, but also help you analyze the source of the threat. It is done by ethical hackers to evaluate the security of the application. Also, regularly update the server to the latest cybersecurity standards. Server updates can be done to add new features or to check for bugs.

Missing Function Level Access Control

These include cross-site scripting , injection attacks, broken authentication and session management, insecure direct object references , and deserialization. The rise of dynamic websites brought about the evolution of Web 2.0. Dynamic websites are all about interacting with visitors, letting them add their information or search within websites more easily. This is the time where all the big vulnerabilities like SQL injections, XSS, and local file inclusion attacks emerged. Finally, going back to OWASP’s inclusion of insecure design as a security weakness, your software teams need to consider security in everything they do and plan. Building a DevSecOps process is about making security everyone’s business, so your application security radar needs to extend beyond the application itself to also cover operational security.

Updates to ISO 27001/27002 raise the bar on application security and vulnerability scanning

SSRF vulnerabilities arise when applications fail to detect or validate a user-supplied URL, which an attacker can exploit by sending an HTTP request to a domain of their choice. Renamed from the previous title of “insufficient logging & monitoring,” this risk category can lead to severe attacks from all quarters and pose a severe security and risk assessment challenge. Security logging and monitoring are essential to identify and mitigate active data breaches, which are impossible if there is insufficient logging and monitoring. The requests to keep the data are built-in queries written in a Structured Query Language – SQL.

Understanding the Web Vulnerabilities through the OWASP Top 10 and Juice Shop

This will give you a different perspective, and often the more correct one, when dealing with potential vulnerabilities. Even though automated testing is taking over nowadays, it’s usually a good idea to use some manual testing as well web application security practices in order to get the full picture. Even more importantly, properly testing your application could potentially save you thousands upon thousands of dollars, as you won’t have to deal with constant pushbacks due to security issues.

What is Web Application Testing?

By using this form you agree that your personal data would be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Remember, the more secure the web app, the better will be the brand’s reputation and user experience. If you are looking for an all-in-one cybersecurity solution, ForcePoint One is an excellent choice. To use Perimeter 81’s services, sign up with your work email and request a demo. Candidates learn the latest attacks, hacking techniques, and mitigation methods.

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